About Me

laceyblackandwhiteMy name is Lacey and I am the editor, chief bargain hunter and lifestyle blog slinger extraordinaire here at LaceyNoland.com . I am mama bear to 5 year old twin girls who seem to constantly challenge me in the unknown world of parenting. I am also married to my husband, Coach, who is a former MiLB baseball player and now coaches high school baseball in our hometown of Mandeville, Louisiana.

I started this blogging thing three years ago as an outlet to my newfound stay at home mama lifestyle and to cultivate my love for writing. Stay at home parents have it hard y’all and this mama missed her work income, therefore blogging became an awesome work from home job that I loved and was blessed to be able to do. So lets talk lifestyle, family stuff, parenting woes, budgets and bargains and the whole shebang. I can’t wait.

Did we just become best friends? YEP!