MunchPak :: A Review


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Dear hungry reader,

You know I’m a fan of subscription boxes. In the land of Mom, there aren’t many things that get me more excited each day. I feel like a kid again, rushing to the mailbox to see if there’s something there because let’s face it – getting actual MAIL that isn’t a bill is FUN. It brightens your day! And when it’s food related, umm – WIN WIN.


The kind folks at <a href=”“>MunchPak sent me this yummy box to review and  I have to admit it was interesting to say the least – but we LOVED how different it was! <a href=”“>MunchPak is a monthly subscription box service that sends you a box of candy and snacks from all over the world. You get to choose the size of your <a href=”“>MunchPak (ranges from Mini which has 5 snacks to family size, which has 20) and it ships within 72 hours.


This month we received a box with snacks from Japan. Inside there were Sour Cream and Onion Hunky Dory’s (chips) Rountrees Jelly Dots, and Cream Collons (which were like a small crème puff). These snacks were actually really tasty, and although I wouldn’t know where to begin to buy them (other than the <a href=”“>MunchPak website), I definitely wouldn’t have been able to try them otherwise. There was also some kind of marshmallow wafer/chocolate/pistachio dust snack pack included that was completely written in Japanese and we weren’t sure what it was, but Coach tried it and thought it was really good! img_3011

If you are looking for a fun way to engage your kiddos and teach them about another culture, I think this is a great start. M&M were fascinated by the packaging which I thought was great – colorful and bright, and the cost is very reasonable starting at $9.95 plus shipping.

Since <a href=”“>MunchPak likes me so much, they gave me some coupon codes to give out in case you wanted to try a Pak or two! Happy Munching!



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