This Kitchen Fix Will Blow Your Mind :: HelloFresh Time!

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Dear been-at-work-all-day Mama,

I totally feel you. You’re exhausted. You were up at the crack of dawn trying to gulp down coffee and now  the five o’clock rush hour has you dragging in the car. The thought of tugging your kiddos through the grocery to grab something for dinner is literally making you have palpitations. We’ve ALL been in your shoes, and we whipped our SUV around faster than a cop car and headed to whatever fast food was closest. That “mommy guilt” will get ya, and you worry yourself sick about cooking more nights of the week, making healthier choices, trying to meal plan, or staying up til midnight researching easy Pinterest dinners that you’ll pin but never make.

Honey, I’m about to let you in on a secret kitchen fix that is about to blow your mind – It did mine! And it’s a little thing called HelloFresh! The website calls this “more than food” but I swear, it’s a God Sent meal. 

Start by checking out the website and breathe a little sigh of relief you won’t be cooking for three nights next week. HelloFresh prides itself on selecting seasonal, farm fresh ingredients that are delivered to your house when you want. Pick your choice of box in regard to the amount of people you will feed in each meal (Classic box serves 2-3 and Family box serves 4) as well as vegetarian options. Rest assured each meal is completely packed,  with all the essential cooking items to complete your tasty, gourmet recipes. Your family is going to literally give you a medal for this.

HelloFresh is grouped into my favorite category of mail right now – subscription boxes. You get to set up your personal plan for the arrival of your meals. It’s also very cost efficient as most plans can average between $7-$8* per person per box.  It’s easy to select your menu on the HelloFresh App and don’t be suprised if you have the whole family preparing dinner in the kitchen with you – but that’s AWESOME! 

Since I’m practically the Mayor of HelloFresh (I love it that much!), they were so kind to let me have a special discount code on your first TWO boxes. You know you want to try it, So click my discount link below and give my regards to the Chef!

Special Offer! $50 Discount on your First two Boxes! Code SEP50HF. Valid for new customers only. Classic, Veggie or Family Box. Ends 9/30/16. Eat fresh & healthy – Shop Now

HelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week.