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Now you can have your own personal stylist!

Dear mutual top-knot wearin’, yoga pant mama,

You know the mom uniform: yoga pants, cheerio-plastered oversized tees, barefoot because you’ve misplaced the matching pair of running shoes you ALWAYS use {AS IN the ones you use to run around the grocery store and not the gym} and the infamous “top knot”.

It’s a glorified symbol of motherhood and half the time, when your hair is messier, the better. You wear it with pride to the pharmacy and PTO meetings, but occasionally it’s nice to feel human again and wear… DUNNN DUNN DUNNN .. Real Clothes.

A problem for me has become actual shopping. I have a hard time finding time to get away, to the mall, in a store, in a dressing room, in some new clothes, and in line to check out- without twin toddlers in tow or a meltdown on the horizon. Plus, I can be out of touch to what’s in style or current trends due to hearing endless Paw Patrol and Princess Sophia shows.

There are some AWESOME options for the mom like me who can’t find the time or right outfit and it gets shipped right to your pretty little door. You got it, it’s STITCHFIX.

STITCHFIX is a subscription-based personal styling service tht allows for the user to go online and create a style profile that is quick and easy to use. You get to choose when the package gets delivered, the price point of items (average is around $55 per item), and a variety of styles, sizes, and brands. A personal Stylist will then handpick five items that they think you should try and mail to your house.
Once you recieve your “fix” {and calm yourself from sheer excitement}, you try on the selected five items, keep what you want, and mail back the rest in a prepaid packaging. The best news? If you love EVERYTHING in your fix, you get a sweet 25% discount on the total of all items.

Seriously, mama. Give it a try. You deserve it! Tell ’em Lacey sent ya.

Happy Shopping! xoXo,



4 thoughts on “The Best Fashion Idea Since Yoga Pants :: Stitchfix 

    1. Ohhhh you gotta join again!! I’ve gotten mostly closet-staples (shirts, jackets) and the fall clothes are great 🙂


  1. I LOVE Stitch Fix. Typically I end up with a few random, more eclectic pieces in my box…not something I’d usually pick out myself. It’s great because it keeps my closet from getting too boring.


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