This Crap is For The Birds :: Why Potty Training Sucks

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Dear awesome potty-training momma,

I so envy you. I suck at this. I dont know if it’s the fact that I have twins, or they are girls that really could care less about going to the potty, or maybe it’s that I just am not good at this, but this crap is for the birds. I hate potty training. There, I said it.. And I’m not ashamed to say that it was a lot easier when my twins were at daycare and the teachers could pretty much do this for me. That sounds bad to say, but it’s true.

We’ve tried everything and for the most part, they have the hang of it. We’ve made some random charts that do nothing but collect a zillion stickers when I’m not looking and we’ve eaten our weight in skittles. I’ve tried to do the whole “potty dance” and watch potty shows and movies – but honestly, it’s annoying. I know, this is my job, and now that I’m staying at home (on day 3 mind you) I realize how important this is, but let’s be honest they aren’t going to college in pull ups, right? One of my twins is halfway there, and gets the whole “If I go I can get a treat” which results in her going thousands of times in a row and her sister losing her mind thousands of times a day because she didn’t empty her bladder 400 times but deserves a snack too. {SIGH}. It’s not fun in stores or public places either when they touch EVERY GERMY THING in the bathroom, cry when the scary, loud toilet flushes, and we end up leaving to go buy more pull ups. And its exhausting when we distracted and brush our teeth for the tenth time in an hour, wash our hands again, pull toilet paper all over the floor, decide to take our dinosaurs for a swim in the sink… It’s endless.

I’ve heard that boys are easier because you can let them just pee outside or hit Cheerio’s as a target in the toilet. That actually sounds like fun. My girls are dainty and sweet, enjoy being creative and playing but care less about peeing in a pull up and just grabbing a clean one instead. And I’m ready to quit inflating  Target’s stock of pull ups and stop buying them all together.

So tell me this gets better. And easier. And lie to me and tell me that overnight, they just wake up one morning and are past this phase, because I’m tired of washing thousands of princess-themed panties and towels after pee covers our kitchen floor. I’m ok to admit that I’m not good at this potty training thing, because I am awesome at making grilled cheese and having impromtu dancing parties with my girls at night. Until the toilet flushes, I’ll just eat all the skittles and keep missing our former daycare teachers who got us HERE. You are the unsung heros! Gotta run – someone fell in the toilet (again).


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6 thoughts on “This Crap is For The Birds :: Why Potty Training Sucks

  1. LOL. I hated potty training too. Boys are not easier. My son had no desire to pee in the potty. He didn’t care about treats, hitting a cheerio or peeing outside. He could care less. He finally got it at 3 years and 10 months and that was mainly because of the day care teacher doing it regularly.


  2. Don’t give up Lacey!! It will happen when they are ready 😉
    I guess I got extremely lucky with Landry.. She was potty trained before she turned two! 😳
    I love your blog!


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