“Drink Your Juice, Shelby” :: And other reasons your co-workers are actually some of your best friends

(above picture: http://www.countryliving.com. References to the movie Steel Magnolias as used below)

Dear Reader,

Have you ever seen the movie Steel Magnolia’s ? You know, the one where they make Shelby a.k.a. Julia Roberts drink her juice while she’s getting her hair done at Truvy’s Beauty Shop? Yeah.. THAT movie. You know it made you ugly cry too, just admit it. Aside from the tears and the amazing movie quotes, there’s a lot to be told from that chick flick. I love how everybody in their random group of pals goes to the hair salon where half of the friends work. They are quite a dysfunctional group, yet in the mist of the arrangement, they complement each other in such a way it just makes you love them.

Just as the gals at Truvy’s are best buds, you have best friends of this nature too. Of course, you have the kindergarten and college best friends, but another group exists in your work family. You see, the reason why your coworkers are actually your secret best friends is because they know everything about you. They’ve heard you tell story after story that nobody else wants to listen to because you’re there with them eight hours a day (or more). They let you cry on their shoulder, they’ve covered your tail when you missed days at work, and hated your boyfriend when he was mean to you the night before. Some days, you annoy the crap out of them but Hey – that’s life. I’m not going to say that every co-worker is going to be your “ride or die” best-friend-buddy but I will say that you should give a chance to the coworkers who can become your best friends because, whether or not you realize it, they probably already are. Your kids will be friends with their kids. You eat lunch together and they know you hate mayo more than anything. Plus, they are always going to be the people to tell you your top-knot does not look cute and looks more like a bird nest… but that’s real friendship right there.

One of the hardest parts for me to transition from working full-time to staying at home is leaving my co-workers. We joke and say that we are TRULY a dysfunctional family but in the heart of it – that’s all true. When I first started my job I had no idea the effect that working with a diverse group of people would have in my life. I thought it would be just your regular job. And, although I am looking forward to having more time with my children, I can honestly say then I’m going to miss that weird, crazy work environment because of my co-workers.

I know in my case, those folks that I spent almost 6 and a half years with, became and will always be some of my absolute best friends; My family actually. And every time their children are selling a box of chocolate bars or one of them gets engaged on the top of Mount Everest with a ring the size of a boulder, I’m going to be there to celebrate them. In my case, they have celebrated my transition into giving time to my family and for that I am grateful. So, do yourself a favor and at least indulge a little into some people that you work with. Just shut up and do it; I promise you’ll thank me later. Now, go drink your juice, Shelby.