One Underdog You Gotta Root For 

Dear reader,

I hate to cut this blog short but I’m soaking up every second of some precious family time with my sisters at the beach {yay!}. I wanted to share an article thats truly a great read from The Clarion Ledger Newspaper. 

THE CLARION LEDGER {Wingfield QB refuses to let his past beat him}

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As I rode in the car with my kids thinking of all the luxury we have {which isn’t much to some but more than enough for us}, I couldn’t help but tear up a bit at the resilience this young man has. Being married to a coach, I get to see young athletes from all walks of life. It’s when you see these kids turn into young men with such heavy burdens and woes some of us can’t imagine. This kid is amazing and I can’t wait to see where his grit and grind take him.


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