Grocery Cart Wars

Dear random guy at Wal Mart,

Hey. I have a serious bone to pick with you. See, here’s the thing, I just watched you drive down the completely wrong aisle of the parking lot, talking on your cell phone, yelling at your teenagers in the back and acting kinda frantic as you almost hit my car whipping your ride into the closest possible parking space to the door. You were still on the phone as you raced inside and left your kiddos (who were teens and *disclaimer* old enough to be in a car alone) to sit and also text and fight on thier phones. When you came running out with your bag of groceries in hand and still on your cell phone, you PUSHED YOUR CART INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND LEFT IT THERE. Then hopped into your shiny silver bullet and drove away leaving a heap of metal right in the way for the rest of us to either move FOR you or just, I dont even know.

REALLY? Really.

There are a lot of things that I really cannot handle: snakes, can’t look at them. Someone coughing up mucous makes me want to vomit. And people who cannot put the grocery cart in the stall. To some, it may seem so very small but when you really break it down, it tells a lot about a person. It takes literally two extra seconds because your friendly grocer has already talked to thier marketing guru team who has strategized and mapped every inch of that parking lot. They know how far you’ll walk to put that cart back and the stalls are actually very accesible to most parking spaces.

It also sets a tone to how you value others and yourself or your time. We are all busy in this world. The World is amost too busy for itself, and as a mom I am always running in and out of places (no joke) looking like I’m escaping jail. But, by over looking others and not taking the time to PUSH A CART IN A STALL, I’m basically saying my time is worth more and everything else is quite insignificant. Often, I’ll watch a group of people just push carts into each other and follow the leader – never stopping to be different and go against the crowd. One reason why I love my husband is he ALWAYS gathers the left over carts up and puts them back. It can be raining or 10,000 degrees outside, but he’s going to take the time to stop and just – help out. Something so small, but I bet you notice him when you’re leaving the store.

I say all that to just end with this – be different. Push the cart to the stall. Invest a little more time. Help someone out. You’d be suprised who notices the small and (maybe) insignificant things that other people take pride in. I married the guy who I watched pushing those carts and he’s not let me down. Rain or shine, he always takes the time to go the extra mile. Be that guy.



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5 thoughts on “Grocery Cart Wars

  1. I agree, Lou. I always take the time to do this. Those hard working employees having to push those heavy things, or the disabled lady having to park in the back because a cart was blocking the handicapped spot sure appreciate it. More people should live by this rule. It’s pretty simple but goes a long way.


  2. There’s been a meme going around about people who do and don’t put their shopping carts away, and what it says about people. I think people who can’t manage to put their carts away are lazy asses, first and foremost, and numerous other things too.


  3. Excellent post! And yes, one of my pet peeves! My family has been known to wait for me while I collect the carts left dotting the parking lot to crash into other cars! And yes, I’m a bit OCD about many things, but the cart issue does show a lot about another’s integrity. Another one…deciding you don’t want a certain item at the store and just leaving it wherever for someone to put back. The worst…finding formally frozen food, in the clothes aisle! Seriously? Have a great day!


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