Don’t Be An Invisible Mommy

Dear Mama behind the lens,

I see you back there, behind that flash of light.

I see you facing the smiling kiddos with the big white smiles and freckles from summer that won’t go away. You’re amazing at capturing the moment. You have gotten everything – every single second – from the first cold and runny nose to each skinned knee at the park. And not only are you incredible at grabbing the iPhone at just the right time, your photo ops are even better with your digital camera and a variety of photo editing apps.

I’m the worst {and the best} at hiding behind the camera to capture each precious moment of my childrens lives. I tell myself often that I’m more concerned with making memories of these moments for my kids to have for the rest of thier lives. Then I scroll… and click… and scan through my hoards of photos to try and find the perfect picture with me, and often it’s rarely found.

So make that resolution to be in front of the flash, whether you look the part or not. Be there for the perfectly posed photos and put the camera {and phone} down so that you can savor the mental memories that you now have. I have chosen not to be an invisible mommy. I don’t want to be missing in the photos and my kids love the beautiful smash cake they had for thier second birthday, but no recollection of how amazing mama looked when she smiled at them. Dont fret, you’ll still get to create the perfect collage on PicStitch and post on Instagram, but this time you’ll be in them. And everyone can say just how amazing mama looks when she smiles. {LIKE!}



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